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Meet the Team

Jacqueline Mair

Behavioural scientist and project leader (diet and physical activity). Loves yoga, sushi, and family adventures.

Prof. Dr
Tobias Kowatsch

LvLUP creative director and executive producer. Loves tech, movies and biohacking.

Alicia Salamanca

Clinical psychologist and project leader (mental health).
Loves travelling, watching movies, and hiking.

Oscar Castro Serrano

Behavioural scientist. Loves tennis, nature, and ice cream.

Aishah Alattas

Digital health producer, researcher and leader of the Stress Less pillar. Loves books, chocolate and theatre.

Roman Keller

Researcher and leader of the Move More pillar.
Loves cycling, nature and music.

Ahmad Ishqi

Researcher and leader of the Eat Well pillar. Loves long walks, k-drama and cooking.

Shenglin Zheng

Research associate interested in nutrition and physical activity. A fan of Latin dance, dragon boating, and action fiction.

Xiaowen Lin

Research assistant. Loves hiking, musicals, and chocolate chip cookies.

Lim Chang Siang

Software engineer and developer of the LvLUP App. Loves books and code.

Prabhakaran Santhanam

Software engineer. Loves cooking and hiking.

Fabian Schneider

Software engineer. Loves augmented reality, virtual reality and plain and simple reality.

Bea Frese

Research associate focussed on user centricity. Loves exploring the outdoors, time with loved ones, and dumplings of any kind.

Sebastian Hanke

Ng Chyi Huey

Master’s student/ research intern interested in building computational models to understand the world. Loves food, travel & games.

E Shyong Tai

Doctor interested in diabetes. Loves food, hates exercise, but willing to exercise so that he can eat!

Assist. Prof
Lorainne Tudor Car

LvLUP mental health track co-PI. Loves the sea, long walks and libraries.

Assoc. Prof.
Falk Müller-Riemenschneider

Public health researcher with an interest in digtial health. Passionate about everything to do with physical activity and sport.

Rob van Dam

Nutritional epidemiologist focused on obesity and diabetes prevention. Loves sleeping, visual art, and noisy music.

Prof. Florian

von Wangenheim

Technology marketing professor. Loves LvLUP, sports and food.

Elgar Fleisch

Information systems professor with dedication to digital biomarkers and health interventions. Loves skiing, guitars & entrepreneurship.

Josip Car

Assist. Prof.
Varun Mishra

Professor interested in user interaction and engagement with health interventions. Loves cooking, hiking, & skiing.