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Life Hacks

Eat well

Siu Dai, Please!

Ask for ‘Sui Dai’ at the coffee shop to lower the sugar content in your drink by about 1-1.5 teaspoons, or do this yourself if making your drink at home.


If you’re eating out and the portion sizes are too large, ask to dabao the leftovers for the next meal instead of finishing up.

Stress less

Get outside and into nature

Head out to your nearest park or green space and take in the relaxing surroundings of being outdoors
and in nature while also getting your steps in.

Wish someone a good day

Just initiating a simple greeting can help boost our own happiness and satisfaction in life.
Give a simple “Have a good day!” to someone you care about.

Move more

Don’t just wait around

Instead of looking at your phone while waiting for the MRT, for the microwave to ding, or queuing in line, do some toe raises, squats, or stretch your neck and arms.

Elevate yourself

Stair climbing is a whole-body workout that increases strength and fitness, and reduces blood pressure. Take at least two flights of stairs before using the lift today.